SSR048: Uranium Club - All Of Them Naturals LPDecember 2016 · SSR048

Released December 2016.

114 Test Presses (Sold on their European tour)
400 Green Vinyl

SSR046: Tyrannamen - S/T LPNovember 2016 · SSR046

Released November 2016.

10 Test Presses
800 Black Vinyl
200 Blue Vinyl (Approx)

SSR045: Cold Meat - Jimmy's Lipstick 7"September 2016 · SSR045

Released September 2016.

10 Test Presses
403 Black Vinyl
100 Pink Vinyl

Co-released with Helta Skelta Records

SSR043: Uranium Club - Who Made The Man? 7"November 2016 · SSR043

Released November 2016.

10 Test Presses
548 7"s with handstamped sleeves. Some copies had embossed inner sleeves.

Released in the USA by Lumpy.

SSR042: TV Crime - Hooligans 7"August 2016 · SSR042

Released August 2016.

10 Test Presses
130 Yellow Vinyl
350 Black Vinyl

SSR041: Warthog - S/T 7"September 2016 · SSR041

Released September 2016.

10 Test Presses
550 Black Vinyl
200 White Vinyl

Released in America by Beach Impediment.

SSR039: Sievehead - Buried Beneath 7"May 2016 · SSR039

Released May 2016

10 Test Presses
400 Black
130 Green Vinyl

SSR022: Perspex Flesh - S/T LPApril 2014 · SSR022

2x sets of rejected Test Pressings
10x approved Test Pressings
103x White Vinyl
570x Black Vinyl
Out Of Print

Following a great debut 7" on Video Disease last year, Perspex Flesh from Leeds, UK finally return with this ten track banger. Unhinged and abstract hardcore punk that carries on the legacy of bands such as Rudimentary Peni through to Cold Sweat of creating an all-encompassing feeling of claustrophobia through their music. The LP comes housed in fantastic artwork from frontman Liam Fox. Features members of Broken Arm and The Flex.

SSR021: No - Great Space MLPDecember 2013 · Split release with Video Disease Records · SSR021

10x Test Pressings
200x White Vinyl
600x Black Vinyl
Out Of Print

"After releasing one of the best hardcore records of 2012, No return with their second 12", The Great Space. No has progressed immensely since their first record, honing in on their sonic assault and pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of producing. The songwriting on "The Great Space" is well-crafted, while still sounding incredibly chaotic and vibrant. The vocals gnash and gnarl, while the band cranks out every song as fast and as hard as they can. No gives the illusion that things are on the brink of completely falling apart. But, this is where they truly excel; No can reel the listener back in from the point of destruction and take them where they never thought hardcore could go. This is the new breed of UKHC. No is planning on infecting the USA with their hardcore overload this Spring with USHC road warriors Stoic Violence. Mastered by Daniel Husayn for maximum earslaughter." - Branden Hutchins

SSR020: The Love Triangle - Clever Clever LPSeptember 2013 · Split release with Sorry State Records · SSR020

50x Test Pressings / Record Release Show versions
1020x Black Vinyl
Out Of Print

"Heretofore, the Love Triangle's recordings have been marked by a particularly raw, aggressive, and even ugly take on classic power pop. Sure, the choruses were huge, but the recordings were ear-splittingly raw and aggressive. However, they've changed things up a bit for their first long-player, opting for a cleaner recording that assures nothing is lost in the translation to wax. The essential elements are still there--Tim's four-on-the-floor drumming, Josh's meandering walking bass lines, and Louis's thrillingly melodic vocals and guitar--but you can actually hear them all rather than just inferring their presence through a wall of feedback and fuzz. The effect is a full-length that recalls the classic songwriting of Nuggets greats like the Electric Prunes and the Seeds as much as it does the more melodic end of the '77 set like Protex, the Lurkers, and the Boys. An LP so good that we don't even need to tell you this is ex-Shitty Limits to get you to buy it.

SSR019: Creem - Discography LPJune 2013 · SSR019

10x Test Presses
660x Black Vinyl
Out Of Print

Released to co-incide with Creem's Summer 2013 European tour. This lp compiles their S/T 12" ep, the 'Good Riddance / I Hate You' 7" and the demo tape (all of Creem's released material up to the brand new 'Curator' ep.) Infusing their beloved American hardcore with a smattering of punk virility from over the years, Creem is hard punk for hard punk fans. Remastered for vinyl by Will Killingsworth (Vaccine, Ampere, Orchid) and housed in all new artwork.

SSR018: Creem - Curator 7"June 2013 · SSR018

10x Test Presses
980x Black Vinyl
Out Of Print

New York's Creem return in 2013 with a brand new 4 track ep. Keeping with their now trademark sound of Boston influenced hardcore punk with touches of UK82, there are now additional touches of Kings Of Punk-era Poison Idea in the mix, especially on the title track. Everyone who writes label release descriptions love dropping stuff like this, but this is honestly their strongest material yet.