V/A - No Banger Left Behind! LP

  • V/A - No Banger Left Behind! LP
  • V/A - No Banger Left Behind! LP

V/A - No Banger Left Behind! LP

It’s finally here! 17 tracks of the finest long lost tape punk. Brazil, Italy, Colombia, Australia, Mexico, England, Germany, USA, Scotland, Yugoslavia and even the Channel Islands!

It always struck me as a tragedy quite how many songs are consigned to the dustbin of history. How many bands only released or appeared on one or two tapes and those tapes are now languishing on a dusty shelf – or worse still, a rubbish tip! There are thousand! But for these 17 at least, there’s hope of a second chance.
These aren’t extortionately priced unheard rarities you need a bank loan just to look at. These are the overlooked gems that exist far beyond the reaches of the internet. Whose names haven’t been uttered in years. Make no mistake though, they’re not lacking in intensity. Wether you want the grittiest tupa-tupa of Medellin or the most boozy singalongs from Ipswich or maybe you even want some dreamy coldwave from Sao Vincente (that has long forgotten link to the UK anarcho scene) – It’s all here!

Every single day more and more of the first wave of punks shuffle off this mortal coil taking their cassette collections with them. It’s time save our own history. NO BANGER LEFT BEHIND!

200 copies, with obi’s, white labels with able labels, Japanese inner sleeves, “funny” run-out message, all housed in crystal sleeve, all artwork done by hand.

A1 The Worst (Ohio 1980) – Interview
A2 Kaos Reality (Brazil 1999) – Mumia Livre Ja
A3 Cruelty Free Core (Italy 1994) – Amore Ribelle
A4 En Media De Guerras (Colombia 2000) – Maquinas Pesantes
A5 Maknovcina (Italy 1989) – Uni Formi
A6 Apoyo Mutuo (Mexico 1990) – Reflexiona Y Actua
A7 Badboys (UK 1985) – Ejection
A8 Solstice (UK 1989) – Race With No End
B1 Organix (Guernsey 1989) – Sowetto Slaughter
B2 100R (Australia 1987) – Say Something
B3 Sta-Core (Yugoslavia 1988) – Sunoc Je Umro
B4 Blokade (Germany 1???) – Untitled
B5 Hedgehogs (Scotland 1984) – I Got No Friends
B6 FEA (Colombia 2000) – 2
B7 Vonny Bratchnies (USA 1986) – Idiot Box
B8 Auto Destrucción (Mexico 1991) – Mundo
B9 Sicilian Unit (Brazil 1988) – Rebuild It All

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