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MURO - Ataque Hardcore Punk CS Chain

"First EP from Bogota's MURO.A milestone in modern hardcore punk, taking influence from timeless inspirations and redefining the sound of hardcore with structures and unique melodies, rawness and a lot of aggressiveness.
(Description from Byllepest Distro)
MURO takes punk back to the roots of what it's about by fitting an entire album worth of music into 14 minutes of wax including 9 songs that never feel incomplete or hasty! The streetdog angled lyrics sees Bogota, Colombia, South America and the world from the ugly perspective of the underdog biting back against borders, both in our minds and in society around us. .

A soundtrack of a social and political breakdown, weiher you are into ANTI SYSTEM, MG15 or NECROS doesn't fucking matter; MURO will destroy boundaries in punk forever!"

Professionally manufactured cassette housed in 400gsm craft card Arigato Pack Box style packaging with silver embossed.Enclosed with A4 inlay/lyrics.

Imported from Singapore.