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FIGUARTIVE THEATRE #1 is 52 pages of 35mm punk fotos from London-based photographer Simon Marsham.
Compiled from photographs taken at punk shows around Europe from 2014-present.

First edition of 100 copies / 52 black+white pages on 150gsm silk paper / offset 2 colour matt print, saddle stitched binding.
Comes with a digital C-Type print of one of the 33 images taken from the zine, printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and hand-signed in an edition of 3.

“Sweat and fury permeates the pages of Figurative Theatre #1. Simon Marsham’s striking photos share an obtrusive intimacy not unlike that found in the work of Mark Cohen, combined with the compulsion and clout that suffuses Derek Ridgers’ photos.

Capturing the timelessness of punk’s ceremonies and rituals, Marsham’s stark black and white pictures, shot in a split-second of flash and celluloid (and defying the formal rules of composition), pick up unnatural contrasts and weird fragments of gestures: postures and bodies, all limbs and perspiration. A torrent of frenetic energy radiates from these images.” - ISABEL O'TOOLE