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FEX URBIS - Blood and Guts Demo CS FU

"It's 2018 and London's punks are working twelve jobs to live, having a mild stroke every time the landlord comes round, but thankfully Fex Urbis still budgeted sensibly enough to self-release this tape of caustic, brimming punk. Noel's vocals suggest he's less financially savvy, having bought into Iggy Pop's pyramid scheme: caplets of the crushed remains of Darby Crash's powdered trachea mixed with the best uppers Brexit can buy. Sonically this switches between thudding mean muggin' abandon and tweakily smart, unexpected right angles, layering on the single notes in the ominously manic style so beloved in their previous bands (No, Satellites of Love amongst others.) This is the good stuff, think being kidnapped down a darkened alley that even the hell city's most intrepid gentrifiers might fear to tread, only to lead you to the Criminal Sexualities section of the radical bookshop. Playing to the sonogram beat of a tumescent underbelly, it's clear these frequencies cannot be heard by the sclerotic lizards in charge. There is no hope! Turn it up!" - BRYONY BEYNON