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Comes with OBI and huge poster!

More new hardcore from Berlin from the Static Age label, and like their label-mates in Piss, Life Fucker integrate a few different styles of contemporary hardcore into their sound, namely the noisy, pogo-infused New York/Toxic State sound and the harsher Dbeat of bands like Framtid or Perdition.

While Piss trade in pure ugliness, though, Life Fucker have a bit of a meatier, more straightforward sound, basing their sound around bigger, more straightforward riffs. Still, despite the emphasis on pure power, which Life Fucker have in spades, there's still a little bit of that off-kilter, super punk sound that makes this far more than your generic d-beat record. A real pounder!

Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London bomb factory. Cover by Joe Chatt.