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BULSCH - Tartington 7" Blow Blood

Vinyl edition of the mesmerizing Tartington cassette from Cleveland's own, Bulsch. I guess you could say that there's a gimmick to this band - to start with, Bulsch have THREE singers all chanting a 100% made up language in unison. There is recent photographic evidence of these guys performing live in everything from beekeeper's outfits to matching turtlenecks. Perhaps if the end product was garbage, then yes, I'd probably spin this once and dismiss it, but Bulsch execute these four songs so well that Tartington simply rules. I'm not sure of the exact ingredients to this success, but I'll credit their made up language, vocal trio, and driving, rhythmic punk stomp as an extreme advantage. While this EP likely pales in comparison to the live experience, Bulsch are convincingly stupid albeit tight and vibrant on vinyl. You can thank Blow Blood for remastering these tunes and pressing up an edition of 300 to share with fellow Bulsch maniacs!